Taylor Williamson America’s Got Talent The Champions Performance

So there’s this new show coming to NBC and networks in non American places in January called AGT: The Champions. This show features their favorite 50 acts from the whole history of Got Talent around the world.  Someone messed up and put me on it I’m probably gonna win.Here’s a pic of me with the super kind and amazing ventriloquist superstar Darci Lynne.


America’s Got Talent 2013 – Runner-Up – Kimiche won his season. It was a little disappointing, but he got over it. Taylor is happy to be back to compete again. “Hi handsome” says Heidi. “Now I make more money doing comedy than Bill Cosby,” he says, “Do you get it?” Erm. Then he makes a joke about immigrants at the panel’s expense. Why is he explaining all of his jokes? And he’s rambling? And Simon looks really confused. Heidi calls him “hilarious.” Simon thinks he’s talented, but thinks nerves got to him. “It wasn’t the wow factor.” Heidi likes his awkward energy. No, his timing was off tonight. Mel said she could have laughed more. Howie thought he rose to the occasion. 

Taylor Williamson – America's Got Talent



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