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The Buffalo Zoo:Tashi Rhino and Her New Calf Have Shower

We are excited to share that after 488 days of pregnancy, Tashi our greater one-horned rhino gave birth to a 123.5 pound male calf. The Zoo animal care team report mom and baby are bonding and doing well. This birth is very special and important for the future of the species this is only the third successful birth of a greater one-horned rhino via artificial insemination. Tashi’s third calf, Monica was the first and the second was born recently at Zoo Miami. This birth is Tashi’s fourth calf

Bath time with mamma Tashi and her new calf! This was the babies first time experiencing the shower

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Carol Jean Fremy Swist There is something joyful about a baby rhino with mom… years ago I took a vid of the mom and baby at the Zoo at that time… So glad for this new baby

Carol Johnston Congrats to Tashi & the whole Zoo team. He's adorable! Can't wait to see him. Another beautiful & special baby for Tashi

Kirree Green Congratulations Buffalo Zoo ! Have been fortunate to have seen these magnificent creatures in the wilds of Northern India ! I am really looking forward to following your updates on your mother and her calf 

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