Tajiri the Giraffe Moves To the Wildlife Conservation Center of Virginia

Tajiri the Giraffe Moves To the Wildlife Conservation Center of Virginia

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Animal Adventure Park just releases their statement on Tajiri the giraffe:

We are elated to announce the fantastic partnership between Animal Adventure Park and the Wildlife Conservation Center of Virginia, that will oversee the exhibit design, build out, and transport of Tajiri to their new facility – the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park outside of Raleigh, NC.

This move will allow Tajiri to play a vital role in the conservation and propagation initiatives that align with the facilities mission statements.

His new female companions will join him as he progresses into maturity to continue the genetic pool of healthy giraffes in management programs.

His departure will be the end of October and will be documented for his fans.

Rest assured – a Tajiri Cam is in your future!

The Wildlife Conservation Center of Virginia reports : 

Tajiri, the Giraffe whose birth became an internet sensation in 2017, is going to be
moving to his brand-new home by late fall. He will be starting his new family at
the Carolina Wildlife Conservation Park outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. The
park is a new educational facility that is currently under construction and slated to
be open to the public in the spring of 2019 with a focus on species conservation
through community engagement.

The Wildlife Conservation Center in Virginia has been asked to oversee Tajiri’s
new adventure. The WCC is a nonprofit wildlife conservation facility that is
operated solely for the purpose of propagation, care, and research of endangered
African species.

Our staff Veterinarian and her team have been busy with the design of Tajiri’s
barn and habitat. They have been visiting and consulting with places like
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado and the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro to
prepare for this exciting transition. The architect has drawn up the barn plans and
construction began August 31st.

Check back here for updates, progress reports, and photos of this exciting new
adventure for Tajiri and his future family.

Fan reactions:

Teresa Perry Miller He has grown up so fast I am so glad I was able to watch him be born. I am gonna miss you big guy. But I do understand why you have to go. Good luck with your new home. I will be watching you and your cam

Sylvia L Bernal So sad he will be moving on he was a part of everyone life since day 1 now he will move on to become a man and have his own family i will truly miss him so sad he grewup so fast Love u Tajiri lot of kiss

Pam Amerson While this brings tears to my eyes i am also smiling. Raleigh is within driving distance from my home in SC. Although i will never make it to NY. I will be able to visit Taj at his new home. Bittersweet.

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