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OMG! 7-Year-Old JJ Pantano ROASTS The AGT: Champions Judges! – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

This kid comedian from Australia ROASTS the judges with hilarious jokes! JJ Pantano comes for Simon Cowell’s lifestyle choices, Terry

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7-Year-Old JJ Pantano ROASTS Simon Cowell With Funny Insults! – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

JJ Pantano returns with scathing and hilarious jokes! JJ teases Heidi Klum about her modeling career, makes fun of Howie

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JJ Pantano and Connie Talbot Prove That They Are CHAMPIONS! – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

For JJ Pantano, it means the WORLD to him to be on American television! Connie Talbot is excited to perform

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