Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo 12/16/18

Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo Today

Judge Jeanine: Justice is supposed to be blind to politics

Reporter Surprises Sarah Sanders & calls her out for Iying

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Viewer reactions:

Stan Piznarski There is no doubt that,America made the right choice electing Donald J Trump as our President.He is doing a great,great job so far on every front and no doubt he’s going to be re-elected

Shelia Carlisle Does this mean we that were taxed on Obozocare will get a refund !! Uncle Sam owes me about $12K plus the overpayment for coverage I couldn't use for several year's!

Phil Bruno You mean I won’t have maternity coverage anymore? What about my mammogram coverage? What if I need a hysterectomy that won’t be covered because I’m not going to be paying for that coverage anymore! What men don’t need that ? Than why the hell did I have to pay for that in Obamacare care? Seams like someone found a judge with some common sense!

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