Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo September 16 2018

Nunes reacts to Strzok-Page ‘media leak strategy’ texts

Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo September 16 2018

Rep. Devin Nunes speaks out on 'Sunday Morning Futures' about trade with China and the need for transparency in the Russia investigation.

Need to declassify Russia documents before election

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Viewers react to Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo September 16 2018

Mr. Devin Nunes, this American KNOWS it was Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, MSM, the DNC, FBI-DOJ, a select-group of both, former & current public officers, gov contractors, & private corporations: GOOGLE, TWITTER, REDDIT, FACEBOOK, 5EYE Countries, involved in TREASON, R.I.C.O., espionage, against the Trump-Campaign Staff, Transition Staff, & Trump Admin. I do question WHY Shawn Henry & Dmitry Alperovich of CrowdStrike, apears to be untouchable. WHY? Ever research Alperovich & his direct ties to the Ukraine gov & the overthroe of Ukraine? How about the 3 Chalupa sisters

The sooner that we come to grips with the fact that the Democrat party attempted a coup in this country….the quicker we can get to the military tribunals starting with Obama and Clinton the quicker we can get on with our lives…. the Democrat Party is now a national security threat full of crazies

Talk is talk, but still nothing,,people want it taken care of,  john kerry admitted what he did, still nothing,,,,,why?   Its a slam dunk,,,  so start hiolding ones accountable,,,this slow walking is old,,,still no held accountable,,,,we know that their are corrupt ones in the f,b,i, and d,o,j. Not sure of c,i,a,….if it wasnt for the bought and paid for people in the g,o,p, we could have had that wall,,,,,but no their are ones who feel bad , but we dont want d,a,c,a,,,,,or amnesty,,,but yet our deranged politicians do,,,,who are they working for,,, supposedly  we the people,, the people are tired of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell  who says that no , wait till after midterms,,,,people are tired of it,, enough talk,,,people who need to be prosecuted , do it,,,no one willing to take charge and lead,

Please vote, the only way for the corrupt Democrats to come to justice is by making sure the Senate stays in Republican hands. Do not allow investigations to get shut down because you didn't vote. It is serious. Democrats are not doing anything to clean up the mess they created. I don't think I have heard any Democrat say they want clarification into the fake dossier, bias, etc. Let's place our constitution where it belongs; at the top. VOTE or don't complain later.

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