Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo October 6, 2019

Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo October 6 2019

President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter to tell Democrats that they are lucky to not “have any Mitt Romney types” in their party and adding that, despite supporting “really bad policies,” at least Democrats “stick together.”

Greg Gutfeld says Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump since the day he got elected.

Viewer reaction:

Reed Mu Is that any surprise ! Romney is a snake he is a jealous wantobe, he rode in on the coat tail of the President , he will not be re-elected!

Merry Mary So, Romney reinserts himself as the "good and holy guy", salivating at any potential of "saving the day" if Trump is ousted. In Romney sweeps, vindicating himself for his failures and saving the Republucan party from certain doom. I'm no theologian but I think I have read this game play.

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