Sunday Morning Futures w/ Maria Bartiromo: Rep. Trey Gowdy Interview

Sunday Morning Futures w/ Maria Bartiromo Fox News Today March 4, 2018

Making sense of Washington, making America what it should be and making money on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo!”

Rep. Trey Gowdy talks decision not to run for re-election
Would Trey Gowdy consider the role of U.S. attorney general if asked? South Carolina congressman weighs in on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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Linda Morgan I will never, ever shop at Amazon again! His leftist, hateful comments about our President was the turning point! I used to shop there quite a bit!

William Borgen 3/4/18…..Great show Maria….always great guests. We need to be careful on this tariff stuff. For 35+yrs we dealt with Canadian Lumber imports via “Tariffs”, “Quota’s”, out right specific “Tax” and argued thru the WTO. It never, ever, ever worked….to this day. All got lost in the “translation of the sale” when the open market pricing took over. Canadians subsidized their log at the stump even more and Canadian producers ramped up 24/7 to reduce costs + raised some pricing, while the U.S. producers took advantage and raised their prices. Mean while the “real” net affect difference got lost in the translation to the U.S. purchaser.

In some cases it did cause the Canadians to tax us on our exports. Trade wars are not good. Also, good question to Gowdy. We’ve been proponent of Gowdy staying since his announcement. We be still hoping he will reconsider. Actually our 2020 Trifecta “Dream Team” is Gowdy, Ryan, Rubio…however the furniture is arranged and who be our top “Leader”. We need to break this ugly and dysfunctional “chain of events”. We can not as a country, under any circumstances, take another 6yrs of this stuff. We will not recover from it for generations. The damage is systemic and massive. As fiscally conservative Independents, we are done and down the road with what’s current. The far right still won’t see that people didn’t vote for all of the current platform….one, two, or a few yes but not all. We can, are, and continue to spin on a dime. If we can’t get a different Trifecta, then we’ll stay on the sidelines, or the other side.

You see, Independents can do that. They are not married to their positions and can live with much of what they have. Maria, a great many, if not the real and “silent” majority, don’t need this administration and it’s platforms to lead a good and peaceful life. We will not however, live in constant dysfunctional and mostly crazy self inflicted turmoil.

Bottom line, even if it’s Kam Harris & outside call Oprah, we still will not settle with the current administration…..period. We’ve already started networking on this subject outside of social media…..the old fashion way. Sometimes old fashion ways of networking and communication work better, are much more effective, and with less interference. What I think is funny, is that the far right is way over confident and in denial in what’s quietly happening. They are in for a big surprise later. UUUUGGG!


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