Stormy Daniels Full Interview on 60 Minutes | Stormy Daniels Update

Stormy Daniels Full Interview on 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels Full Interview on 60 Minutes

Porn star Stormy Daniels says on "60 Minutes" she was threatened in 2011 while trying to sell her story about her alleged affair with Donald J. Trump

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Mary DeRose Allegro I am sick of Stormy Daniels, sick of looking at her face! She is a grown woman and knew what she was doing! A "Gold Digger" in my book! Have some respect and leave the President alone! (Go back to your strip club "Mother of the Year") It's sad that this is the news! Shame on you CNN!

Curtis Buie People acting like it's no big deal. Just let Obama have just one of the many controversies or scandals Trump has been in and Republicans would've lost their mind. They could barely hold it together over one pastor Jeremiah Wright!

Cory Valencia She's the one selling. If I buy food from a store, and it's bad, its the stores responsibility. If Stormy is selling that loose goose, she's the one breaking the law, not our amazing Potus Donald J Trump.

Patricia Tabankin Who the hell cares!!! It's getting old….he's not the first president to screw a women well married and I'm sure he won't be the last! At least it wasn't in the oval office!!

Bob Crowley How many idiots are there that have been waiting over a week for this non story are pissed, because the Kansas and Duke game is in overtime. Just relax and watch March Madness sissies! 

Bill Gaynor With the limited memory alot of you seem to encounter when accusations are made about capt bone her…Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual affair…trump has lied over 2500 times on national TV…and gop won't even have 1 hearing..
I guess you all still go with the alternative fact narrative the current administration uses….called hypocrites

Rebecca Ash Seriously, who cares. People elected him knowing he had questionable morals and special ways of getting what he wants. Instead how about people focus on important things, maybe educate themselves on things like, I don’t know, a possible trade war with China.

Rod Borlase Frankly, I found Stormy quite intelligent & highly credible, certainly more so on both counts than either Trump or his oh-so-generous lawyer &, for what it's worth, Stormy's lawyer would eat both their faces off, each with a wee teaspoon of plume sauce

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