Steve Memmolo Sings Unaware The Voice season 15 Knockouts

Steve Memmolo Unaware

The Voice season 15 Knockouts continue tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton and Carson Daly as host. We’re live blogging all the performances and results here. 

Coaches have paired up the remaining 32 team members who will each perform songs of their own choosing. The coach chooses the winner, who advances to the Live Playoffs. The loser is eliminated OR can be stolen by a fellow coach. As far as the other coaches are concerned:  Adam has used his Steal and his Save, Kelly and Blake have a Save remaining, and  Jennifer still has a Steal.  There are 12 more performances to go. Nine of those singers will advance to next week’s Playoffs. 

Delaney Silvernell vs Steve Memmolo – Team Adam – Steve is the Ben Affleck look alike. Adam stole Delaney from Kelly

Steve Memmolo – Unaware by Allen Stone – His dad died after suffering a brain injury.
It spurred him to never waste time. Adam urges him to use his falsetto. “You have room to be sexy…don’t be confined.” Adam says “sink your claws into it.” Hm. His falsetto is kinda weak. But once he’s on stage, he delivers a solid performance. He’s a decent blue eyed soul singer. This performance could have been super cheesy, but it’s not. Still, Delaney deserves to win this round. 

Blake starts up with the Ben Affleck stuff. He feels the Knockout was evenly matched. He’d choose Steve. Jennifer really enjoyed Delaney, she loved Steve’s passion. She would choose Steve too. Hm. Kelly calls her head voice “yummy.” She would pick her. Adam Chooses Steve. Delaney is Eliminated. Bah. Adam believes Steve is ready right now, and is impressed that he took his notes. 

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