Spensha Baker Sings Merry Go Round The Voice 2018 Finale

Spensha Baker Sings Merry Go Round 

Tonight (May 21) The Voice Final Four will be performing for your votes and the chance to win The Voice. After an overnight vote (including iTunes downloads and streams) a winner will be crowned on Tuesday night’s (May 22) finale.

Each singer will perform three songs: An original song, a new cover and a duet with their respective coach

Spensha Baker Sings Merry Go Round by Kacey Musgraves  at The Voice Finale

Spensha Baker sings Red by Taylor Swift for her the Voice Top 10 Peformance

Spensha Baker sings Little Big Town's "Better Man" during the live Top 11 performances.

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Fans reacted

Kimberly Kronick-Worrall

I can't believe it. Makes me sick that people think this is the voice. She kept running out of air last night. She is definitely not Country. Who does Blake know that votes for him Pay off?? Last year his winner was pitiful.

Barb Wood

Wow. My hearing must be bad that lots of people are saying how great she was. Blake saying how good it was and she should be in the finale. Really? Don’t get me wrong every week i have hopes for her but she always falls flat to me. I’m sorry. Very very sweet girl. She has a good voice but it’s just not up to par

Rose Knoll Nourse

Spensha and Britton are the best, the most on key, they have the richest and most well rounded voices, never pitchy or shrill or over the top. They are unique and extremely gifted. Spensha is also gorgeous, very beautiful..

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