Spensha Baker Sings Red by Taylor Swift

Spensha Baker Red 

Tonight, The Voice Top 10 will be performing for your votes.  After an overnight vote (including iTunes downloads and streams) two singers will be sent home on Tuesday night (May 8). 

Tonight’s theme “Challenge Week” could be song or genre-based, or having to do with performance and stage presence — each singer tackling something that they see as a challenge on their journey to become a well-rounded artist. Coach Kelly Clarkson  is set to perform her latest single “I Don’t Think About You” tonight. Charlie Puth and Five Seconds of Summer will be performing tomorrow.

Spensha Baker sings Red by Taylor Swift for her the Voice Top 10 Peformance

Spensha Baker sings Little Big Town's "Better Man" during the live Top 11 performances.

Viewers reacted to 

Dianne Heck She has been my favorite since the start of the season.

Bethany Nunnery Davis She reminds a little of Carry Underwood.

Mitzi Stamey Love Spensha wish she would have sang something besides a Taylor Swift song.

Heather Ganoni Spensha Baker and I love your song Choice and your dress is beautiful and just like you Spensha Baker 

Joanie Burke She was performing the song, but with Taylor you feel the song.

Myk De Bradley The best she has sounded this season.

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