The Voice 2018 Spensha Baker – Top 12: “Down on My Knees”

Spensha Baker Down on My Knees

Spensha is grateful to be here.  She picked a huge song by an iconic country singer and she wants to do it justice.  Blake says she’s somebody who tells a story and she has a beautiful voice and that is what matters in country music.   She grew up listening to country and gospel.  The song tells the story about how she feels about music. 

 This song is stripped down and so far she is staying true to the melody.  This is pretty good, she is putting emotion into it.  So far the best of the night, easily.  She doesn’t oversing it and that was beautiful.  Four coach standing ovation.  I really enjoyed that!

Spensha Baker sings Trisha Yearwood's "Down on My Knees" during the live top 12 performances.

Viewers reacted to  Spensha Baker Down on My Knees

Diane Vesey I liked her better than the others. So many sound off key to me tonight. I thought Jackie was awful with the Britney song.

Nette Richard Song selection is wrong on this whole show but she is shutting down her voice trying to do country she should just sing period I'm not impressed.

Sarah Stewart Magill Spensha is such a fantastic singer….but not country. I wish they would stop labeling her “country”….even the band doesn’t sound country. 
However, listening to her song is like magic either way.

Karen Leblanc Spenshas face is so full of emotion when she sings. She's the whole package. My favorite since I first heard her sing

Linda Fairbanks Best of the night. Now Blake work your magic and give her some great songs that will stand out and people know.

Dhana Andrews Ferguson Come on Alisha the girl is good but “you are one of one, no one sounds like you in the world?” Maybe not but there are many many people much better. She started pretty rocky but finished well. Don’t try to make it more than it was.

Terresa A. Christoffersen If Spensha is "country" I will never listen to country again. Beautiful voice, beautiful woman. Blake needs to quit pushing the ethnic card. Go for it Spensha!

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