Special Report With Bret Baier Dec 21, 2018

Schumer said, “As we said to President Trump a week ago, his wall does not have 60 votes here in the Senate, let alone 50 votes. That much is now clear. Democrats have offered three proposals to keep the government open, including a proposal offered by Leader McConnell (R-KY) that passed the Senate unanimously only a few days ago. We are willing to continue discussions on those proposals with the leader, the president, the speaker of the House, and the leader of the House. All five are necessary to get something done.”

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Viewer reactions:

Curt Ward By voting against this bill the Democrats also voted against victim relief for both the California wildfire victims and the Houston hurricane victims. I hope that no one ever tries to convince me again that Democrats care about people.

Patrick Lanigan In 2006 80 Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, supported “The Fence” (Wall, Barrier) on our southern border. Now the Donald Trump is President, it is “OH MY GOD, what a terrible Racist thing to do”. And they say it isn’t political… I call “BULLSH!T”

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