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The week was a very active one as we watched E10 and E11 continue building their confidence and strength, working out their spectacular wings in the wind and hovering higher and higher.
They ventured out farther on the branches looking for new places to go. E10 being more adventurous was first to make it to the veranda branch. E10 then executed a daring short flight up to the attic branch for the first time to take in a new perspective from a new branch.
The trip back to the nest was done gracefully. By week’s end, E10 could launch from any point up to the attic and back with the greatest of ease. As has been the usual sequence of events, E11 curiously looked at E10 way up there and took the leap up to perch with their sibling a few days later.
Southwest Florida Eagle cam Live you can see they both looked comfortable and secure on the attic branch holding on in the windy conditions and even relaxing one foot like Big Eagles. Their confidence shows as they perch on the veranda or the nest rails while sleeping overnight. E11 took branching one step farther and made a hop over to the porch branch first winging away as E10 watched.
southwest florida eagle cam north fort myers fl
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam North Fort Myers FL
Part of that branch was lost in the hurricane so there is only room for one at a time. E1o took a turn on the porch the next day. The outer and higher branches are theirs for the perching as they prepare for new horizons.
Food deliveries by Harriet and M15 have been interesting and are now mostly a drop off and fly away from being mobbed and having toes grabbed by hungry Es.
E10 made it to the table first more often and has been more aggressive in keeping the meal with impressive mantles. It seems mammals and fowl prey have been on the menu more days as E10 and E11 begin to de-fur and de-feather their own meals.
Harriet and M15 give plenty of room and freedom to E10 and E11 to practice their learned skills. Mom being Mom will still come to their aid and give them a few more pointers. Harriet ate some of the prey and seemed to make them take the food from her.
Tug-o-prey between E10 and E11 and also between them and Mom and Dad teach them the art of the steal. All valuable skills they will need when they are on their own.
The coming weeks will reveal more adventures for E10 and E11 as they employ all they have learned and practice to date.
Soon they may find themselves on the many other branches of their nest tree or they may take the ultimate first flight away to a place nearby. It has been joyful to watch the progression of these two spirited Es under the exceptional care and watch of their extraordinary parents, Harriet and M15.

Viewers reacted to Southwest Florida Eagle Cam North Fort Myers Fl

Debbie Tolson I'm always so impressed with the beauty and grace these eagles have. Mom and Dad have done a wonderful job teaching the E's to be just as noble and as graceful as possible. I'm enchanted by this whole wonderful story that we have the honor to 

Sally Kennedy Wow they have grown I have really enjoyed and loved watching this family but I’m getting sad as I know soon they will be leaving .mom and Dad hopefully someday we will see them through this with families of their own thank u for sharing daily with all of us and letting us enjoy

Jen Swords Magnificent! Thank you Lady Hawk & the Pritchetts, along with Vicki and the rest of the zoomers for bringing this pair of Eagles' families to light, every year. It's been an honour & priviledge to watch! Stay safe and be careful 

John Miller Great shot Dee & love your nest notes Dadsjazz! The E’s are learning so fast! Such a joy watching them! Thanks SWFEC & Pritchett

Claborn D Rigsbee I have been watching since they hatched on December 26 & 27th, been amazed and amused as they have matured,

Nancy Pearson Thank you, Dadsjazz, for your weekly Nest Notes. Just love watching these two and now waiting for the first fledge. Who will it be?

Julie Cook Enders Love reading about the eagles! While visiting Florida from Michigan, my parents surprised me with a visit to the nest. I had no idea where we were going. Best surprise 

KE Meehan Harriet and M15, it is so interesting to watch them make their home and raise their young. Observing them, one cannot help but fall in love with them. They could teach some humans a thing or two about how to treat each other and provide for a family!

Sherryl Kohlman They’re so beautiful! Happy Valentines Day Harriet, M15, E10 and E11. They’re an amazing Eagle family and I beyond blessed to be able to watch them from Kansas. Happy Valentines Day Pritchett family, wskrsnwings, Ladyhawk and Dadsjazz for making this possible! Thank you all for everything you do!

southwest florida eagle cam pritchett Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Pritchett

Sandy Davenport Great and beautiful picture of Harriet & M 15 Happy Valentines Day to you and your babies and a big thank you to Pritchett

Pamela Rhonemus Thank You, "Pritchett Real Estate" for making the Eagle cam available for ALL of us to be able to share this!

Laurie Bell I'm so happy…i pray they all do well and E10 & E11 both grow strong and healthy. I'm so excited they both hatched! My heart broke last year watching them both tending to the egg that didn't hatch for so long.

Audra Orr Reading the history, again, on the past hatches and losses, Harriet, and the loss of Ozzy, makes me tear up. She is an awesome mom and M15 is her perfect mate. Hoping they live long lives together and bring many more successful eaglets into the world. Thank you Pritchett family for allowing us to observe and learn.

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