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Hello Everyone 

We are very happy to update the latest news and video on our babies this Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog on Tuesday, Mar 6, 2018, 10:07 AM Update: Wings in the Wind

E10 and E11 frolicked in the warm breezy weather over the week and took every opportunity to use their majestic wings to catch the wind and lift themselves to higher heights.

A Their daring high hops helped them move from the spike to the veranda and back to the nest smoothly and easily. They ventured out farther on the veranda branch and higher to the tip of the spike while flapping wildly in the wind.

They launched to and perched on the veranda branch together. The next stop may be out to the porch or up higher to the attic branch to sit with Mom and Dad.

As E10 and E11 gain strength, confidence and balance a flight away from the nest tree will be a future adventure. While E10 seems to be slightly ahead as far as branching, E11 has been mastering the art of grabbing and mantling the abundant food deliveries by both Harriet and M15. Dad is seen dropping the fish and taking off since his toes are the target of some of the grabbing.

Many rounds of stealing from each other and holding on to the catch will be helpful when E10 and E11 are on their own looking to steal a meal. Since they have the ability to open and self-feed fish,  the menu was changed up with squirrel and egret. De-furring and de-feathering lessons will be harder to learn and Mom eventually will step in to help. As their agility grows E10 and E11 pick up items in the nest and carry them from place to place using their talons and beaks.

They have regular sparring matches some playing, some may be vying for personal space and possibly a showing of dominance. E10 has become a more formidable match for E11 than in the past as each is still growing and learning skills. Harriet and M15 perch most evenings on the attic branch together gazing down at their healthy eaglets seeming content in their successes preparing them for their journey in becoming magnificent

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog on Thursday, Mar 1, 2018, 2:36 AM Update Milestone Alert: The Eaglets have Branched

Harriet and M15’s diligence in raising E10 and E11 have produced great rewards. These two active and healthy Eaglets have amassed a wealth of skills and behaviors and have surpassed many milestones over the last months. They have progressed through their “baby steps” and are now setting their sights on bigger goals. The closeness of their ages has seemed to allow them to experience everything at almost the same time.

E11 was the first to mantle and grab a whole fish from Dad. E11 also was the first to figure out “open” the fish by starting at the mouth or gills of the fish. De-furring or de-feathering may be the next lesson. E10 was mastering stealing and keeping prey away from E11 as they engaged in many food fights back and forth.

M15’s accomplishments in hunting and providing for his family have been stellar. He may have broken his own record delivering 8 fish in one day. Harriet balances the care of her family with tenderness and at times sternness. She takes control over the food deliveries when M15 has other ideas. It seems at times she wants E10 and E11 to try to feed themselves and then at some point she will swoop in and feed her growing babies.

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Harriet keeps a close eye on E10 and E11 and makes sure they are preening all of their beautiful feathers. If not, watch out Mom is going to do it for them which they do not like. Harriet stayed with them through a rain storm offering support but not much shelter. She may sense that time will be nearing when E10 and E11 will be more independent and displays her mothering instincts.

E10 and E11 have been exercising their magnificent wings over the weeks feeling big air and landing on the very top of the nest rails. They have both slept standing up in the nest overnight as their confidence grows. One of the most noteworthy milestones to date is that E10 looked around and with purpose fly-hopped onto the veranda branch for the very first time as E11 looked on. E10 seemed surprised at first and then very comfortable perching there, preening and watching the world from a new perspective.

In Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog today we want to inform that E11 flapped all over the nest maybe looking for a spot to land too since branching could be catchy. As of this writing, E11 has not made it to a branch but may well do so soon. After a while, E10 climbed back down to the nest easily but cautiously. Not to be left off the branch, the next morning, E11 stood on the nest edge and looked to be aiming for the porch. Mighty wings caught big air and E11 performed a perfect landing on the veranda branch. E11 enjoyed the view for a few minutes and landed back on the nest easily.

E10 watched younger sibling in action. Now the antics begin as these two brave and adventurous Eaglets explore the nest tree and beyond. The journey continues as these beautiful Eaglets take their cues from exceptional Eagle Parents and are flourishing. 

Weekly Video Highlights 

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Eagle & Vultures Soaring The Thermals 2.26.18

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet’s Side Kick ~ E’s Evening Flapping 2.27.18  

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Pulls Pelt From E10 & E11’s Throats~ E11 Helps E10 2.27.18

​Southwest Florida Eagle Live Cam

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam – 360

Fans reacted to Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Elizabeth Knox Thank you "dadsjazz" for your beautifully written weekly notes, your mention of Harriet teaching them to preen their feathers was amusing. Harriet and M15 family has given us so much joy, E9 remains in my memory and E10 and E11 will break my heart when they are gone. Thank you Pritchett family.

Pat Hoare I am so pleased to see these two are doing so well BUT E 9 is still my favourite.Congratulations to all concerned for all the wonderful updates and pictures on Harriet, M15 and Family

Peggy Membreno I'm so speechless. I love e10 and e11 so much. It's good to see 2 eaglets in the nest this season. I'm already in tears. Don't want them to leave just yet.its such a pleasure to watch them grow and learn.H&M ARE WONDERFUL PARIENTS. LOVE THAT EAGLE FAMILY SO MUCH 

Tom Perri Vuozzo Yay! Hah! I was rooting for E11 from the start! Fascinating that they hatched so close together AND BRANCHED within a day of eachother!! Best news EVER and love Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Debbie Tolson I have to enjoy every moment I can catch with our babies because they are getting anxious to leave the nest I'm sure. They want to be free like Mom and Dad. I remember feeling like that. So I'll watch and enjoy them becoming more independent , then I'll watch for they to fly above me and be free.

Susan De Keyser Always a bittersweet day indeed – they will be flying off soon – but – I suppose that also means – soon enough we'll have new babies to watch!

David G. Campbell Milestone indeed! Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog Eaglets, E10 and E11, provide picture-perfect demos from "Branching OUT" 101. Both now manning the nest rails..while earnestly screeching in union, "Aye, Aye, Parents aka Air Bosses, We're ready to launch…Mam…and…Sir"

Tom Ryan They look so healthy and happy, and well fed with plenty of fish and UFOs, I keep the live cam on my computer while I work during the day, can't wait for the fledge!

Bonnie Wilver Oh how I love these updates! I noticed Harriet bringing in moss and twigs for the nest. She knows they’ll be leaving soon but she still wants the home sturdy and secure. I so love this family.

Sandy Davenport Thank you for the great notes I am going to be sad when they go but then who knows they just might show up sometime last time a young eagle came by the nest and we wondered if it was E9,they both have done very well and of course they have great parents and love this Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Jill Whitten You are so correct dadsjazz, being close in age, 10 and 11 are able to use each other as competition and encouragement as they learn their eagle skills. They get so excited doing things together too, which makes it fun for all of us watching them. Glad we still have a few more weeks with these two cuties. As always, thanks for your wonderful nest notes.

 Tallman Klepper They'll be fledgling soon I will miss them..these 2 have developed a great bond with each other. I think one is a a girl..I have noticed when they're sittig directly together one is bigger than the other and the girls are always bigger.

Virginia Hudson This is the first year I've gotten to watch two eggs grow up and have enjoy it so much. Last year was the first year I got into watching these eagles. I have watch both eagle nest in Florida this year. But Harriet and M 15 are the best parents with their babies! I have become a eagle lover for sure!

Pamela Dorman Wright Wonderful notes, Dadsjazz, as always! We have lots of time left with these two, and I'm happy to see them progressing so well. I especially look forward to fledging when they remain close by and, thanks to the wonderful tools at this nest, we can watch their antics in the pastures and trees! I'm ready for the wild ride!

Sharon Bommer Wonderful note once again. Thank you! These two seem to get along so well. With the abundance of food they have had available they have not had much to fight over. And they are learning so quickly. It’s a joy to watch them and as usual will hate to see them

Linda Lindenau Will they remember each other after they fledge and are on their life adventure? Also being such good companions, will that make them better mates when they grow up? I love all the info

Anne Dowda Have no computer now and have been sick for over a month can only see what's posted on my phone. My how our furbabies have grown. Hope a new computer soon for I miss watching everyday.

Gladys Eral These two are so much fun to watch. Lol. They just keep entertaining me. Of course an occasional worry when on the edge. Love this family.

I LOVE IT!Every year theres a comedian. Here's E7 doing it:
"You said What? 
You want a piece a me?
I'll peck you ta death"

southwest florida eagle cam blog Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

They say the cameras are silent & don't disturb then, but E7 used to peck & pull at the leathers straps holding the camera wires…
Trust me, the Es KNOW

 That's what I'm talking about. We need an eaglet selfie book. I'm pretty sure I saved the photo capture of E9

Bonnie Wagner Brunette Won't be long now it just seems like it went by so fast and with two of them in the nest it has been and even better experience.. my first year was with E9 and he was a character but these two oh my goodness hilarious thank you so much for Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog

Jennifer Penrod Stauffer Last year with E9 was my first year to watch… I was thinking one of them almost pulled an E9 today over the edge… I can’t believe how fast this season is going… How much longer before we will have to start saying our “see you laters? I was laughing this afternoon at them playing tug o war with the fish

Elizabeth Knox Oh no, our babies are getting ready to explore beyond the nest, it too soon for me to let them go, Harriet and M15 are the best parents, nurturting 2 new eagles to soar the sky, they don't know they leave broken hearts behind. Thank you Pritchett family for a wondrous adventure

Paul Violette Thank you all for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to observe this spectacular eagle family with a moment to moment view. Especially enjoyed visiting the nest sight. Love those eagles!

Judy Haggarty E-9 was such a character, no sibling to rival .. Miss that eaglet ! I'm missing these 2 already. I will have separation anxiety when they fledge. The parents are tremendous role models & teachers. Love this fam

Linda Lindenau Thank you for the update.Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Blog Will miss these two when they leave on their life adventure. It will be a sad day. Still miss E9 and hope he is well.

Renee Rice E9 won my heart and now these 2 are growing so fast and are just about ready to leave us. another heart break. seems like yesterday they were just born and bonking each other. was hard to watch and now they love each other. i wonder what E9 looks like now? still miss him/her

Debbie Tolson Strong and healthy babies, isn't that what we all hoped for? Sure it is, but in maybe a few more months, they can leave the nest. I for one am not ready for them to grow anymore. They're strong enough to just relax for a while. I wonder if it's difficult for Dee to see all of her babies fly away?

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