Magician SOS America's Got Talent 2019 Audition Performance

HOW Did Sos Do It?! Magician Pulls Cards Out Of Thin Air – America’s Got Talent 2019

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SOS America's Got Talent 2019 Audition

SOS – Magician – He does “kind of magic.” Oh. His parents are the quick change people Sos and Victoria quick change act from season 11. His best friend growing up was magic. But his parents have been his idol. SOS does card tricks. As far as card magic is concerned, he’s OK. He’s no Shin Lim. But OK.  His thing is cards changing colors and sizes. It’s a high energy act. Gabrielle calls it like “nothing we’ve seen yet this season.” Howie says, “You did a great job.” Julianne calls it a “full blown spectacle show.” Simon loved everything about his presentation. Backstage, SOS becomes very emotional, calling it the “best day of my life.” – 4 yeses

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