Sophie Fatu: AGT’s Youngest Performer EVER Sings “New York, New York”

Sophie Fatu Audition

Sophie Fatu is the definition of big voice in a tiny package.

Sophie Fatu 5 years old Sings “My Way” Simon Wants Her To Date His Son. This is the Full segment of performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 3

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A precocious kid singer. Shame on her mom for shoving her into the spotlight. I do not like the kid singers. She says her favorite judge is “Mr. Simon.”She dreamed that “Mr. Simon” pushed the golden buzzer. Sorry! That already happened. She warbles her way through Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” which is supposed to be ironic or something. Stick to Youtube kid. The judges give her a standing ovation. “We weren’t expecting that,” says Simon. “You are hilarious. I want you to date my son. You are adorable.” Mel B compares her to an angel. “That was amazing” gushes Howie Heidi says Sophie should be proud of herself 4 yeses. Simon calls her “happiness in a bottle.”

Sophie Fatu 5yo singer FULL PERFORMANCE New York New York America's Got Talent 2018

Annoying kid act dead ahead! Sophie is only 5 years old. She really wants to be a BIG SUPERSTAR. She sang “My Way” for her audition. She’s a big Frank Sinatra fan. OK. Simon wants her to date his son. When Simon says his son Eric has a crush on her, he shakes his head vigorously from the audience. This time she sings “New York New York” accompanied by all the tiny tot pageant moves. Sorry. I hate it when small children are paraded around like this. Boo to her parents. Simon claims she’s the youngest ever America’s Got Talent contestant. Didn’t some 4 year old come in second about 10 years ago? Or maybe she was 7. I wonder what happened to her.

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