EARLY RELEASE: Katy Perry Thinks Sophia is a STAR – American Idol 2020 on ABC

Twenty-year-old Sophia Wackerman sparkles in the audition room with a moving tribute to her late mom and professional singer, Naomi Star.

To kick off our Artist Spotlight series, we’re featuring Sophia Wackerman. Sophia is a second year Global Jazz studies major who grew up surrounded by music. Inspired by it’s impact on her life, she strives to create change through her music in other’s lives.

Viewer react to Sophia Wackerman American Idol Auditions performance

Cynthia Serna-Tiner Oh Sophia! You are soooo right! Your Mom is in your heart! She is with you always, where ever you go! Let her love for you channel through your voice. Best of luck to you in this venture, I look forward to seeing you weekly

Constance Ann Radford Just reamber sweetheart she is always watching over you…my mom been goon over 40 years..

Edward Newell She is adorable and has got some star potential!!

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