So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Season 15 Episode 12 VIDEO

So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 Ep. 12 Recap

The Top 3 Women Perform to "Bump" by Trish

Jensen, Hannahlei, and Genessy's group routine to "Bump" by Trish

Darius, Jay Jay, and Slavik's group routine to "Violence Broken" by No Mono

Hannahlei & Darius Perform to "Tanguango" by Ryota Komatsu

Genessy & Slavik Perform to "Machika" by J Balvin, Jeon & Anitta

Jensen & Jay Jay Perform to "Lugahiva" by Te Vaka

Lauren & Jay Jay Perform to "Runaway Baby" by Bruno Mars

Taylor & Darius's Contemporary routine to "It Takes A Lot To Know A Man" by Damien Rice.

Jaja & Slavik Perform to "Beggin & Pleadin" by Brandy

Hannahlei & Marko Perform to "Welcome Home" by Joy Williams

The Top 6 Perform to "The Four Seasons" 

Jensen & Kiki Perform to "Bailar" by Deorro ft. Elvis Crespo

Genessy & Lex Perform to "Be Brave" by My Brightest Diamond

Viewer reactions:

Teri Rocco If you remember in season 2 Travis Wall came in second to Benji Schwimmer. The best dancer doesn't always win. Who is winning all the Emmys and is a famous choreographer now?

Barbara Hohman Michels For some reason Slavic resonates with people, and they vote for him. Maybe the other 2 guys not so much, don't know. The public voted him into the top 4. I think he has stretched himself further than any dancer this season, most improved. I'm happy for him, he's worked hard to learn dances that are so out of his element.

Kat Sheridan I've felt from the beginning this is rigged for Jensen. The only way to get her to win is to eliminate her fiercest competition. That happened tonight when they eliminated Darius and Jay Jay, who are a million times better than her. So sad. The best just went home.

Michelle Porter Vasquez They’re all good at this point, but Jay Jay and Darius are EXCEPTIONAL DANCERS. But it’s popular vote, and what can you expect when the judges played up the chances of a relationship between Slavik and Genessey, to keep people watching. Plus, the favoritism of Jensen. These two massively talented guys didn’t get played up as much.

Sue Tettamant Peters Slavik is out matched in the finals. He shouldn’t be there. It’s so sad that we won’t get to see the most talented dancers in the finale. It’s painful to watch them
dance this week when the best get cut at the end of the night based off of last weeks vote.

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