So You Think You Can Dance Magda & Darius's Bollywood Performance

Magda & Darius’s Bollywood Performance – So You Think You Can Dance

Magda & Darius's Bollywood Performance 

Magda & Darius' Bollywood routine to "Badri Ki Dulhania" by Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Magda & Darius' Smooth Jazz routine to "Fever" by Peggy Lee.

The Top Ten Open the Second Live Show

Viewer reactions:

Trini Mac I'm not sure what the judges are on tonight… Magda did not do great with this.. so stiff… great energy though

Scott Jeffery Stodden Loved loved loved Magda & Radius, this Bollywood routine was epic

Rebecca Diane Standfast Am I the only one who loved this? I thought Magda nailed it!

Matthew LeMay Pimping Darius HARDCORE, even among a blasé performance.

Teri Rocco This reminded me of some of the early season Wade Robson routines.

Ashley Busch This was great, but I was wanting a little more from her. Still amazing though

Tyisha Brown Like, I just keep watching it. So subtle, so smooth, the lines are SO clean! Just magical.

Krisha Hunnicutt So easy to watch her. No struggling. I just feel like she's always going to hit it.


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