Jensen & Jay Jay’s Contemporary Performance

Jensen & Jay Jay's African Jazz routine to "Run" by Hybrid Core Music + Sound.

Jensen & Jay Jay's Contemporary routine to "Lost Without You" by Freya Ridings.

Viewer reactions:

Melissa Meola Beautiful dance and choreography but zero connection and emotion

Brandon Harms This routine was amazing! These two are killing it together.

Lynne Nahrwold Hawkey What about the bobble? I thought it was good, not as good as the judges though. There was clearly a bobble, and no mention of it. They clearly have their favs.

Steven Badeau Love this routine. So beautiful but… can they make the screaming brats shut up during the performances. It takes away from the performances.

Diane Mahoney She pales in comparison to him. Because he is such a strong dancer, he makes her look good. I am disappointed she made it through and far superior dancer Chelsea has to leave because her partner is weaker. She also doesn't have the big Mormon vote that Jensen has.

Audra Geisler Magaw Does this routine remind and anyone else of Jenna and Marc's weird routine from quite a few seasons ago?

Jean Griffith Jensen Arnold is the finest dancer I have seen on this show since its inception. Jensen, Jay Jay or Darius. Take your pick for the winner of this competition.

Kristyn Lake Arndt Wow! His training speaks so loudly. He is fluid when he needs to be and so powerful the moment it’s called for. There’s never a hesitation with him. Way to dance solidly across the genres!!!!

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