So You Think You Can Dance Hannahlei & Cole's Stepping Performance

So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Hannahlei & Cole Live Show Performances

Hannahlei & Cole's Stepping Performance

Hannahlei & Cole's Disco Performance

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Bill Hughes The number of people who loved this routine was far greater than those who didn't . They were awesome. I love stepping but not like this. Stepping is normally a lot more stomp the floor and this one is far from that.

Teri Rocco I like both of them, but I was not impressed. I could do without this particular style.

Nailah Bell “Constructive criticism. That’s what we do on THIS show”
God Cat, love ya

Oletta Engelhart Branstiter Best disco I've ever seen. Sadly, ruined by the screaming juveniles in the audience.

Julie Christiansen Am I the only one distracted by the bad lighting and weird camera work? I can’t see their faces and the camera angles are really doing a discredit to these beautiful dances. I also don’t care for any of the music this year.

Charity Morgan So happy to see a routine to the beautiful voice of George Michael. Thank you for choosing his music. So sad we won’t have more from him

Rachel Ann Grottke They did a crappy job editing this song. It's literally one of George Michael's best vocals ever & they really chopped it up in weird places. It wasn't smooth at all in the transitions.

Kellie Kel This was awful. From the costumes to the song to the super awkward stepping. I LOVE step, but this was not good. I can’t imagine it being good with professional steppers doing it.


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