So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Chelsea & Evan Live Show Performances

While they are both very good dancers, there's just no real chemistry between them, which leaves the performance lacking.

Chelsea & Evan's Contemporary Performance

Chelsea & Evan's Contemporary Performance

Viewer reactions:

Niki Carlson Used to be one of my favorite shows. Barely recognize or enjoy it anymore. And the fact that Nigel doesn't even comment on or acknowledge all the (TONS) of complaints and criticism that the fans have posted seems disrespectful. I think SYTYCD will probably be cancelled and it's because they've really ruined it.

David Hinton It is coming across as the “Readers Digest Condensed Version” this year. SOOOOO much time in he audition rounds and SOOOOO little now in the live shows. 
Having tWitch on the panel is a bonus – cuts down on Vanessa’s air time if nothing else – and he gives those insights to the current crop because he’s been where they are.
Nigel & Simon: at some point you’ll have to take at least some fan suggestions on board or, sadly, what used to be a fantastic show for all concerned will face a dwindling audience and premature cancellation. The only way to maintain an audience is to listen to them!

Lorraine Brigham Thomason Fabulous! Finally the judges (except stinking Vanessa that needs her eyes checkes) can see a pair of good dancers

Teri Rocco I think Chelsea really showed emotion in this number, Evan just just leaves me cold. They are both wonderful dancers though and Travis' choreography is always wonderful.

Nailah Bell I just felt how badly they want to be there through that.
I think if anybody else would have done it, the judges would have stood up. They don’t like them 

But I love them

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