So You Think You Can Dance Season 15 Ep 11 Top 8 All Performance

So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Top 8 Performances Season 15 Ep 11

Hannahlei & Cole's Cha Cha Routine to "Sing It Back" by Moloko.

Choreography by: Sasha Farber

The Top Eight Perform A Stellar Opening Routine

Jensen & Jay Jay's Smooth Jazz Routine to "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by Jessie J. Choreography by: Sean Cheesman

Cole's Solo Routine to "Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley. Choreography by: Cole Mills

Genessy & Slavik's Contemporary Routine to "Fall For You" by Leela James. Choreography by: Mandy Moore

Hannahlei's Solo Routine to "River (King Kavalier Remix)" by Bishop Briggs. Choreography by: Hannahiei Cabanilla

Slavik's Solo Routine to Separate by whereisalex. Choreography by: Slavik Pustovoyter

Magda's Solo Routine to "Marchina (Samba/50 Bpm)" by TNN. Choreography by: Magda Fialek

Hannahlei & Cole's Broadway Routine to "Get Happy (Live)" by Judy Garland. Choreography by: Travis Wall

Magda & Darius's Hip-Hop Routine to "Killa" by DISTO. Choreography by: Pharside & Phoenix

Jay Jay's Solo Routine to "Clear Air" by Sevdaliza. Choreography by: Jay Jay Dixonbey

Jensen's Solo Routine to "Ain't Your Mama" by Jennifer Lopez. Choreography by: Jensen Arnold

Genessy & Slavik's Jazz Routine to "House Work [Extended Mix]" by Jax Jones ft Mike Dunn & MNEK.

Jensen & Jay Jay's Hip-Hop Routine to "Cookin" by Fat Joe, Remy Ma & French Montana ft RySoValid.

Darius' Solo Routine to "Strange Fruit" by Nina Simone. Choreography by: Darius Hickman

Genessy's Solo Routine to "Yours" by Ella Henderson. Choreography by: Genessy Castillo

Hannahlei, Genessy, Jensen, Magda's Girls Mini Group Routine to "Wanderlust" by Empara Mi. Choreography by: Talia Favia


Cole, Slavik, Jay Jay, Darius' Boys Mini Group Routine to "Juice" by Yo Gotti. Choreography by: Luther Brown

Magda & Darius's Contemporary Routine to "Undertow" by Ane Brun. Choreography by: Jaci Royal

Viewer reactions:

David Reep Cole, the very best of the male dancers, sent home, what a tragic thing for this show that is mostly about hip hop.
Sorry, I know many like it but it is not dancing as an art form. Athletic, yes but in no way should this dance show have so much hip hop overshadowing so many other fine dance forms.

Jennie Calhoun It's sad to see anyone go. Everyone is good in their own way. I wasn't ready for Cole to leave yet either, but that's that name of the game. I am not sure why everyone is complaining about too much hip hop, though. This show has multiple styles every week: jazz, contemporary, cha cha, jive, paso doble, Broadway, Bollywood, African jazz, samba, salsa… In the past I have seen waltz and tango, Argentine tango, and even Russian dancing. I don't think they showcase any dance style more than anything else. I think people vote for hip hop routines because they are usually fun. People like fun. I tend to like the emotional routines, but I know the show can't be all one level of emotion. That'd get boring.

Linda Marie Miller I agree about the hip hop being displayed too much. I love Twitch and Comfort Sirus and the rest of them but I think that there should be a hip hop night and just get it all over with. I know someone has to go each week but Cole was a magnificent dancer and I will miss him. They are all good I would hate to be responsible for anyone to leave.

Wendy M. Brummett Maness At this point we are going to lose great dancers every week, it is the nature of competition shows. America votes. One bad week can end it all. One great week can buy you time. I am sad to see Cole and Magda go but I would have been sad to see any of them go. Win or lose, just being on this show, especially the top ten who will go on tour, is amazing for their resumes. In that respect they have all won. Best of luck to them all

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