So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Magda & Darius's Smooth Jazz Performance

Magda & Darius’s Smooth Jazz Performance

Magda & Darius's Bollywood Performance 

Magda & Darius' Bollywood routine to "Badri Ki Dulhania" by Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

Magda & Darius' Smooth Jazz routine to "Fever" by Peggy Lee.

Vieiwer reactions:

Tyisha Brown BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!! The best dance of the night!!!! Darius is amazingly smooth and versatile.

Bridget Roosen All these couples are so awesome!!! It will be hard to choose

Kats Korner Fantastic choreography! Fantastic dancing & entertaining! Darius is Amazing in all he does! Magda isn't my fav, but this was her best performance.

Lesli Wheeler This was great! I have to admit though, when he had his hands at her armpits, all I could think of is that I would be giggling. 

Jeannus Poullus So. Good!!! And to the folks that made the comment when the top 10 was announced that they thought Darius' dancing would suffer "because his gayness would show through": hope you're eating your words now.

Mary Sue McBride I didn’t like this at all. Many better Bollywood routines have been done on this show. The moves were not as sharp as they should be. Very surprised by judges comments!

Loren Cappelson Was I the only one that didnt think this was good at all? It just felt very frantic and confused…I think Darius was better than Magda, but together it was just all over the place. And I usually love Nakul's Bollywood routines.

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