So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Hannahlei & Cole's Top 8 Ep 11

Hannahlei & Cole’s Cha Cha Routine – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 15 Ep. 11 |

 Cole, the very best of the male dancers, sent home, what a tragic thing for this show that is mostly about hip hop.
Sorry, I know many like it but it is not dancing as an art form. Athletic, yes but in no way should this dance show have so much hip hop overshadowing so many other fine dance forms.

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Anne Bryan Griffiths I hope that everyone on Facebook reads this. I know dance. I don't know much , but I know dance. Tonight's decision, to lose Cole, was a mistake. I don't even want to speculate as to the variables that went into the decision. I will not watch this show again, ever. You have just lost a long time fan, a fan who would not have missed this show, since its inception, under any circumstances. A fan whose week was brightened by the nearness of Monday. Something has changed in the world, In the universe.

Sandy Botkin Where is the old format with auditions and losing one dancer per show. This new version is horrible. I am so sad to see the changes.

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