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Genessy & Slavik’s Jive Performance

Genessy's Solo Routine | Season 15 Ep. 11 | SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Genessy & Slavik's Jive Performance 

Genessy & Slavik's Broadway Performance

Viewer reactions:

Michele Minor Finally, some decent music!!!!! She's horrible though. Heavy on her feet. Legs flicks were bad. Not sharp. How did she make it this far? The guy's way better.

Teri Rocco I love this coupling! They have fabulous chemistry together! Put me in the front seat in the first car of the Slavic fan train!!

Steven Badeau Love the routine. Hated the screaming brats in the audience.

Jennie Calhoun The chemistry with these two, yet again…  Brings back memories of past power couples: Donyelle and Benji, Joshua and Katie, Sabra and Dominic, Chelsie and Mark, Melanie and Marko…Sometimes people just work together so well. They make my heart happy. My eyes tend to gravitate towards him just slightly more. There's just something about him, but I love, love, love her too.

Stephanie San Toro I'm sorry, but they we're not in sync during this routine. Slavic was faster then her in certain parts and she was not sharp enough!!! Good routine and music, but the judges got this wrong!

Jennifer Carrington I don't get it. They messed up like 3 times. There were moves that were obviously completely missed and it looked like he was completely lost for a count or 2. Not deserving of the praise it got. Not sure why the obvious favoritism..

Heather Haggard They are the best couple…they have so much chemistry. Slavik can do anything apparently. This piece was great, and it was awesome to see Sharna from DWTS!

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