Top 10 Men So You Think You Can Dance 2018 Evan DeBenedetto

Evan Dances With Grace & Elegance – SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

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Tonight, the top ten guys will all dance outside their style with an all-star partner before the judges narrow down the field to just five. Those five will join last week’s five girls to make up this season’s top 10!

Evan dances to "All To Me" by Shoshana Bean.

That was a very aggressive piece, danced wonderfully. I really hope Evan makes the show because I want to see tap represented. And based on this piece, he should. He was totally committed to that and it wasn’t easy. He and Allison went through the ringer in that and exceeded my expectations.Nigel notes how different it is than tap. He felt it was a good job. Vanessa loved the execution. She calls it really good. Mary felt she went through something watching it.

Viewers reactions:

Jackie Castro Marinos Why can't we go back to the old formula that worked…no professional dancers as partners…I don't want to watch these contestants dance with the professionals…just pair them up like you used to!

Nancy Hirsch I love watching these talented dancers but the show has become rather impersonal. Once upon a time you got to see each dancer grow and develop the bond between them and their partner. Now….I don't even remember this guy. They are so talented but a brief glimpse is rarely memorable.

Linda Fraser Kulik Beautiful! I love Evan's dancing and if he doesn't make the top 10 I will be rather disappointed. I was rooting for him last season, too

Melissa Ann Schulz I wish you wouldn’t show so many routines before the episode airs. And you wonder why your ratings are going down… other than continually effing with the format. No need to watch the actual show, just catch the highlights on the Internet.

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