Smile Fiona the Hippo Update from Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the Hippo Update

Fiona the hippo  showing Mom how tough she is


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Fans reacted:

Bailey Stanton Such a sassy little thing

D’onna Lynn Such a sassy little stinker!

Lori Akers Sydney Oh my goodness! Cuteness overload!

Kimberly Megan Zerkel I like hippo butts and I cannot lie, you Fiona lovers can’t deny, when Fiona walks in with adorable flare and grace, with sass up in your face!

Don Del Conte Two hefty gals got boo-tay !! Looking good, girls !! Sports Illustrated is calling, they need more boo-tay for their Swimsuit Edition…

Cheryl Majewski Wozny When my nephew & niece were little, I used to pinch their butt cheeks & say, “Who’s got a cute little dupa? YOU’ve got a cute little dupa!!!” Fiona definitely has a cute little dupa!

Mary Ann Knapp Not nobody would my picture from the rear walking out of the pool but it sure is a cute butt she has she is getting big so happy for our Fiona

Joan Johannemann-Golick Great perspective. We think she has gotten so big until we see her next to mama and see how far she still has to go!!

Eileen Nosky Obviously does not have an ED. For all those who know what that stands for. I mean it in the most sincere and funny way. It’s not to be a joke. Fiona needs to be a big girl because she is a hippopotamus. I’m very happy for her, AND her caretakers. I think this has been a very up and down year for them and Fiona. It’s always nice to see and read the good and wonderful things happening in this world these days

Joan Manning Thank You for saving her. Love the education I’ve gotten on hippos and other animals at your zoo even at my elderly age I can still learn.

Wanda Sue Bohannon She is and was a fighter! The odds were against her on so many levels. She beat those odds with determination and excellent care from her keepers who ‘willed’ her to live. This is why we all love and admire her so very much!!!


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