Sir Blayke Sings Dive on American Idol 2022

Formerly homeless singer-songwriter Sir Blayke has never given up on making it on his own in music. He tells the judges that although his life and career have been extremely difficult, “it’s a ride I wouldn’t change.” He sings Dive tonight on American Idol Season 20

Watch Sir Blayke American Idol performance tonight

Dive by Ed Sheeran/Original Song – He lives in Los Angeles now. His mom was a choir director at church. But growing up was hard. At 18 he headed to Atlanta with 100 dollars in his pocket. He became homeless. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and works as a songwriter. He’s had a few placements. 

He starts off the song like a conversation, but ramps up. By the chorus, his voice almost cracks. His phrasing is interesting, but the vocal isn’t perfect. Katy asks for an original song. He sings a’cappella, making the song hard to grasp. He could dial back the runs. Luke thinks he’s trying to hard, he’s not sure. Lionel hopes he’s a quick study. He loves the texture of his voice. He advises to cut the “curls.” Katy liked the original song, but needs more connection. Luke says no. Lionel and Katy say yes. – 1 no 2 yeses.

Viewers react to 

Blayke has an very nice voice, just needs some fine tuning and he should be alright. I’m happy for him that he made it through the audition. Wow this is amazing, i love the tone of his voice. Hes going to make it Far in this Competition. One of my favorite by far

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