Shin Lim And Colin Cloud Are The AVENGERS of MAGIC! – America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Shin Lim And Colin Cloud America’s Got Talent The Champions

The Avengers of magic have arrived! Shin Lim brings amazing card tricks and Colin Cloud hypnotizes Alesha Dixon. Don’t miss their show, LIMITLESS, at The Mirage in Las Vegas

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 I never watch this show, but I’ve been following Marcelito Pomoy for a few years. He won the show in the Philippines. He’s truly amazing. I’ve never heard a voice like his. But, Simon seems to call the shots, even though he doesn’t seem to recognize talent. When I’ve seen clips on YouTube, why does Simon have the right to degrade performers and why does he have more say so on the show than any other judges. I don’t understand that. Simon is nothing special other than a narcissist.

Magician shows me an INSANE magic trick

A single take of a one coin routine by Jeffrey Wang. Sleight of hand artist from Now You Sleeve Me.

All Shin Lim Performances

For AGT 2019 it was easy to predict the winner who was Cody Lee. Now to me the super fans have a tough job on their hands since most of the acts brought their “A Game”. May the best contestant win . For me to predict this time around its certainly very hard.

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I like slight of hand magic and Shin Lim is my favorite performer but this act is staged. Colin Cloud goes too far every time he performs and does things that are impossible with out staging it.

Viewer reaction Shin Lim And Colin Cloud America’s Got Talent The Champions

Patricia Peterson Saw Shim Lin and Colin Cloud in Manchester NH this month. They were amazing! Also had pic taken with them. Shin is pretty cute and they both smell wicked good! Just saying!

Bev England Wouldn’t miss it. Can hardly wait for tomorrow night and to see who is the champion. We have our favorites, and we will see how close we are to the finish.

Mierfe Calica Marcelito Pomoy with his unique singing talent should be the winner, but will not be the winner because Simon Cowell chooses the winner. Superfans just a ploy to cover up his dictatorship!

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