Shin Lim America’s Got Talent:Champions Final 2019 Performance

Shin Lim Returns America’s Got Talent:Champions Final Tonight

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Shin Lim  America’s Got Talent:Champions Final

America’s Got Talent: The Champions finalists have been revealed and will perform tonight. The WINNER revealed : Shin Lin

Shin Lim blows minds yet again with his incredible card tricks. Watch as he performs with Melissa Fumero from Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

We have a WINNER! Congratulations to Shin Lim! 

The only non-singer who could win this competition would be the talented and engaging close-up magician, Shin Lim

Shin Lim: Magician Baffles Judges With Incredible Card Magic – America's Got Talent: The Champions

The reigning champion of America's Got Talent returns with card magic that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

Newly crowned "America's Got Talent" winner Shin Lim left Ellen speechless after showing her an incredible card trick that will leave you speechless too!

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Watch card magician and winner of America's Got Talent 2018

Viewer react to Shin Lim  America’s Got Talent:Champions Final

Karen Nomasamigos Engstrom I have to be honest…I don't like magic acts…or at least I used to not like magic acts…I could watch his act for hours!!! He is absolutely totally amazing!

Debby James He is truly amazing and entertaining…the best of luck to him….and stop with rude comments…kindness and respect is what this world needs to focus on…ok?

Debbie Boyer He is incredible. It’s a shame Jackie Evancho didn’t make it through too. She’s so much better than the Golden Buzzer choice.

Zachery Allen Carlson Plot twist: 
Darci really won. But Shin magically changed the winners name on the card to his own….

Barb DeSiato Darci Lynne had 3 talents all wrapped up in one young 14 year old ….she can sing opera through a puppet, funny too like a comedian and is a ventriloquist…come on, They were all very talented and Shin Lim is great but Ive seen card tricks forever, cards appear, disappear, appear, disappear, .repeat ..repeat… never saw 3 talents wrapped up in one person, just sayin.

Sharon Warnock Darcy was voted off & they shouldn't have brought her back, 100%. It was not fair to those who worked hard & were able to stay from day 1. Shin Lim was absolutely the right choice.

Tracy Holmes Shin won fair and square. they were all great acts and it was a great competition. I loved every minute and was so happy the sand art lady got 3rd place and hope she tours the USA as well as all the acts.

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