Shin Lim Proves Magic Is Real With Unbelievable Card Tricks

Shin Lim America's Got Talent Full

Close Up Magician – He studied piano at conservatory on scholarship, but got carpal tunnel syndrome and had to choose one. He proposed to her fiance, who works for another act, on stage. This act was recently previewed. Olivia is sitting on stage with him, to help with a trick or two.His hand is deft and skills impressive. I like that little wink at the end. Heh. Shin also has really good stage presence. Olivia says, “You’re so gifted!” Simon says, “That was bloody amazing.” Heidi calls him “mind blowing.” Howie says, “This time was even more magical.”

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Penn and Teller Fool Us

Shin Lim's EPIC Return to Penn & Teller

Viewers reactions:

Dawn Rose-Bauman Now THIS is what AGT is about. Finally, a truly stunning act: unique, polished, Vegas-quality! Hey judges: THIS IS WHEN YOU GIVE THE GOLDEN BUZZER! (Not to children’s choirs and 15 year old pop copy cat singers)

Don Carlson I believe I saw his sleight of hand genius on Penn & Teller Fool Us show. He's awesome. If my memory serves me correctly he had some kind of major injury to one of his hands & most, including himself thought his career might be over. Instead after several years of rehab & practice he came back as good as ever, at least as far as his admiring Public can tell. A great performer

Kimberly Klaus I know; this guy had me staring in shock, but no buzzer. Then some kid who talked about being bullied belts out a song and then, "This is for the bullies!" Golden Buzzer. Give me a break. I'm not saying she's not talented. She is. But…this guy turned a pack of cards into ice and made it disappear into a puff of smoke. And lots of other stuff. Please, whoever the guest judge is this week. Give a hugely talented magician a chance to move on. He deserves it.

Michael A Muse This guy has been my all time favorite Card Magician since I first saw him perform for Penn & Teller some years ago…..and MAN!! he just BLOWS MY MIND!! I mean I know it's all slight-of-hand and illusion, but my GOD he is by far the best I've ever seen(or not LOL) So riveting to watch!!! I am SOOO happy that he has come on this show so that I can see him and be amazed each and every time. For anyone who wasn't aware of him being on Penn & Teller, I would STRONGLY suggest you look it up on You Tube because that was a CRAZY good performance back then.

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