Shawn Sounds vs. Matthew Johnson: “Never Too Much” – The Voice 2019

Shawn Sounds vs Matthew Johnson Sing Never Too Much

The Voice 16 Battles begin on Monday May 25 on NBC.  After the two perform it is up to coach John Legend to choose which singer to keep on his team. His fellow coaches will then have the opportunity to steal the eliminated singer.  Each coach can steal two contestants.

Team Legend's Shawn Sounds and Matthew Johnson perform "Never Too Much" in The Voice Battles.


Shawn says that Matthew is ready and so is he.  Flashbacks to both their auditions.  Shawn is a teacher by day and singer by night.  Matthew is known as Mr. Personality and grew up in church.  Matthew says this will be tough.  John tells them it was his painful for him to put them against each other but he could hear them both singing this song.  Khalid says Shawn is a monster and Matthew’s voice is warm with a riveting tone.  During rehearsals, John tells them not to chop the verses so much.  Matthew says he’s singing this song for his girlfriend.  John tells Shawn not to squeeze too many riffs and runs in, and be more selective.  John says they will be one of the best performances of the night.  They take the stage.  (PS I don’t like this dress Kelly is wearing…)

Who will win this Team Legend battle?

They are color coordinated with Matthew wearing a purplish jacket and Shawn the same color hat.  Matthew starts off solo and then Shawn comes in.  They both sound so good, Shawn’s voice is deeper and richer but Matthew’s is so pure and smooth.  They are working the stage, not just standing in place.  Matthew is twirling as they sing.  Some big notes from Matthew and a subdued ending from them both.  All four judges are standing.  They were good.  Adam says they are both incredible singers, it was like a tennis match.  He loved the energy, can’t pick a winner.  

Blake said it’s impossible to say anything.  Matthew’s dancing is second to none.  Kelly tells them they are both phenomenal.  Matthew is a light to watch, and Shawn’s runs are crazy, cool.  John tells them he loved the energy and love of music that they have.  They are both fantastic singers.  I think it was close but Shawn should win.  John says The winner of this battle is…..  Shawn Sounds!  John felt like Shawn was a little bit ahead.

 As Matthew starts to think John, Adam hits the steal button, and then Kelly presses her button too.  We have a steal!  Adam says he likes to lead by example.  Kelly says she likes drama.  Adam tells him he was the shining light on that stage.  Kelly tells him he’s outstanding.  Matthew Johnson is now Team Kelly!  Kelly says she has to steal him because he’s so soulful and she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

I could totally see these two being a duet team on a record label. I know it's uncommon outside of country music but I'm telling you it would work! I would sign them as a package deal. Their voices play off of each other really well and their energy together is great. It's got the old school R&B feel which is lacking in today's music.

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Viewer react to 

Marrky :

If you didn't smile throughout this entire thing, you have zero joy in your life! I'd seriously just like to hang out with these two!

John is really enjoying this Voice experience. It’s fun to watch him smile and being happy 

Gina Forgione Schrader If you didn't smile throughout th Why have TWO 4-chair artists go to battle? Eliminate one and hope for a steal? I don't get it. Use the 4-chairs to see if the borderline winners will step it entire thing, you have zero joy in your life! I'd seriously just like to hang out with these two!

Caren Poulin Can we keep them both please?

Marquise Peoples Why are you pairing them together it doesn’t make sense and it’s too early. They should knock out the weak links first and build up and get people excited for them to battle. I always feel like this show In particular likes to make the odds better… because this is not the first time

Brenda Cassanova Awesome performance they sound so good together they should be a team. There's so many singers that are a Duo. I can name them but it would take too long and you know who they are yes I smiled through the whole performance.

Traci Johnson This is one of the best battles ever on the voice!!! They both sound great together. Someone is going to steal the loser anyway. But I'm going with dude with the white shirt!!! Ijs.

That’s what I wanna know. I knew he was gonna pair them together. Ok John, we’ll see Monday how you decide. Someone is stealing the one let go, we know that fo sho.

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