Shawn Sounds Wows the Coaches with “All My Life” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Shawn Sounds  The Voice

He’s a teacher by day, rock star by night.  He loves teaching, but music is his dream.  His students say they turn around and dance when he starts singing in his classroom.  One of the videos of it when viral.  He’s hungry and ready.  He has a band that sings at parties, weddings, corporate functions.  He feels like he’s done all he can on his own.  He wants to inspire his students.  Big R&B voice reminds me of Reuben Studdard.  

He is wearing a cool hat and vest.  This dude is really good, velvety smooth voice.  At the bridge he breaks into runs, and three judges turn and then at the very end Kelly turns.  Four chair turn.  Audience loved it!  I’m surprised they took so long, because he was really good.  Must be the filling up teams.

 Kelly says he has a solid voice, runs, range was beautiful.  John says he has beautiful tone, and control, and showed skill at the end with the runs.  Adam says his chair is the most important chair to turn.  He says I know I’m fighting a losing battle here, but you need a coach who is willing to go far.  Adam says he’s an artist who paints with his voice, pours soul out but is so refined.  Blake tells him the ending was incredible.

 His job isn’t to be like him, or for them to be in the same genre, but to help him be whatever he wants to be.  Shawn picks Team John!  Not a surprise there due to style.  John says Shawn was great, confident and will dazzle America.

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