Shawn Robinson Audition Makes Lionel Richie JEALOUS

Shawn Robinson Audition

Shawn Robinson sings "Who You Are" by Jessie J in his American Idol audition.

Who Are You by Jesse J – He’s a garden associate at a hardware store. He likes the garden department. “But it’s not my dream job,” he says. Shawn sings an acoustic version of “Who Are You” with a sweet tenor. I’d like him more if his tone was a tad bit more dynamic. Lionel is jealous. “Your voice is butter…I’m in love with your personality.” Luke calls his voice “very unique in its own style.

When you’re in your lane, you’re perfection.” Katy calls him a “ray of light…there’s joy in you.” She wants to hear him “dig in next time.”  She’s “looking for another gear.” Yeah, that performance was on the lightweight side. Also: We should start a drinking game. Down a shot every time Katy tells a contestant she’s “looking for another gear.” Likewise Lionel and his “package” references. – 3 yeses

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