AI Top 20 Duets: Shawn Robinson and Elle King SING Proud Mary Tonight

Shawn Robinson & Elle King Sing Proud Mary for Top 20 Duets

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Shawn Robinson and Elle King

Tonight on American Idol Season 17 Top 20 contestants will perform duets with celebrity guests. But by the end of the night, three of the idol hopefuls will be sent home, giving us the first half of this season’s Top 14.

Song choice: ooh for his voice, this song is PERFECT. He has the vocal range. He proved to me that he can sing contemporary. Bravo!!!
Technique: he has beautiful runs. Effortless. I think he did too many of them near the end IN MY OPINION. Usher and Jason Derulo are masters of incorporating runs tastefully. I think he uses them as a way to keep the fire going. there are ways to keep the energy up in a song without sacrificing the melody.
Stage presence: don't be afraid to move around. Nick Jonas is all up in there when he sings this song. The song is about keeping his woman's attention because he gets jealous. When I'm jealous, I'm all over my man honey. I'm not saying be all over your fans. But nonverbal communication is just as important as verbal communication.
Tone/pitch: very clear and recognizable voice. Only one episode of pitchiness right after hitting that immaculate high note.
Overall: solid performance. I think as he gets more confident, he will rely less on runs and more on his interaction and connection with the audience.

Shawn Robinson and Elle King sing  Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival during the Top 20 Duet round on American Idol in front of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

 It’s hard to believe former SNL cast member Rob Schneider is her father. IT’S TRUE. Elle suggests he “fake it til he makes it” if he’s nervous. Shawn admits that the song is not what he would have chosen for himself, because it’s an upbeat fast tempo song. Yup. He’s never heard the original. During the stage rehearsal, Elle suggests that they slow up the tempo of the song. This is better than I was expecting. Shawn has a sweet soulful voice. Except OOOPPSSS. He drops an entire line. Yikes. OK. This is actually kind of a disaster. He’s flustered. “Elle has been amazing,” says Shawn. Lionel says, “You and Elle did it perfectly, you took care of business. I love the way you recovered.” Katie says, “I loved that intro. It was so powerful.” Luke says, “I’m in the multiple mistakes a night category. It was a great vocal performance.” It’s too bad the team didn’t figure out sooner that the CCR arrangement was a better fit. 

Shawn Robinson Performs "Jealous" by Nick Jonas for Top 20 Solos 

Shawn Robinson Audition Makes Lionel Richie JEALOUS

Viewer react to Shawn Robinson and Elle King performance

Lisa Osborn Don't think he should even be in the top 20. That country singer with Lane was better

Ashley Chauffe I would love to hear him sing some Michael Jackson. These comments would probably be much different. I don’t think this was the best song for him. I think he’s great though.

Fancy Johanson He had one of my favourite auditions and I love his voice, but the Urkel thing wears thin. He needs to slow down a bit, because he seems like he's too fidgety and going so fast he's going to miss all this great stuff! I'm hoping to hear more of the lower register pure honey that I fell for! Come on Sean! I'm a fan! really love Shawn Robinson and Elle King performance tonight

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