Sharaya J The Four Audition Battle Performance Challenge Clothes

Sharaya J The Four Season 2 Finale

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Sharaya J The Four

Iconic record for an iconic Four member! Sharaya J sings Juicy for her performance

Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G.  (The Four Version) – Ohhh. She’s taking on Biggy! Mostly, Sharaya has battled against (inferior) rappers. Now she’s got to compete against singers. We’ll see what happens. That performance was pretty low key for the rapper. Maybe she’s saving it up for the next round. After bitching at the sound guy to fix his mic, Khaled says, “That’s one of my favorite songs ever! You did an amazing job.” Diddy says, “You did a great job.” Sharaya gets teary. “Biggy is my favorite lyricist of all time.” Diddy calls her “the one to beat.” 

Sharaya J vs Whitney Reign Challenge Round 2

SEEThe Four Season 2 Finale Live Update

Sharaya J – She sheds her red jacket. She means business! Sharaya has been battling cancer all the way through this competition. But she’s hung in there.  Sharaya is really lagging here. Still underwhelmed. 

Khaled felt like Whitney’s song choice did not represent her. Meghan agrees with Khaled. “I still you think you’re really talented.” Meghan was distracted by the way Sharaya handled the mic. Diddy tells Meghan “wasn’t one of your best performances.” Apparently, she has a sinus infection. “You did your thing with that song,” he tells Sharaya. 

Sharaya J – Say Less by Sharaya J – Diddy calls Sharaya a “self contained artist.” He feels she has what it takes. Sharaya has been here from day one, winning challenge after challenge. She’s the only one to never be unseated. She performs a diss directed straight at James, at one point sitting right next to him. 

James Graham – Fix You by Coldplay – Meghan notes that James has “gnarly fans.” I have no doubt. James is going for the BIG GUNS. It’s another emotional performance from James. He’s going for it. If he loses, it won’t be because he fell short. His phrasing is particularly beautiful here. 

“This is going to be the hardest decision ever,” says Meghan. Khaled agrees. He brought some popcorn out, which he’s been tossing around. “It’s like me battling Diddy,” Khaled comments on the artist’s friendship. “Your journey has been incredible,” says Diddy, noting that she performed and wrote songs week after week while undergoing chemo. And Sharaya has fantastic news. The tumor in her breast is gone, according to her doctor. “Every week you hit us with pure entertainment,” Diddy says. And as far as James is concerned, “You just broke through another wall.” He compliments his vulnerability. 

And now it’s time to choose the winner. The judges huddle. Sharaya has been in it since day one. But James really brought it, and he has a rabid fan base. Who to choose? We gotta wait until after the break. 

Sharaya J Performs "I Don't *** With You" | Season 2 Ep. 6

AJ Reynolds – King (Original) – He needed another shot from his inhaler after that. His rhymes are super juvenile. He’s like Eminem–if he were a third grader.

Sharaya J vs AJ Reynolds Rappers Battle. This the full segment or full performance and judges comments for this contestant or challenger on The Four Season 2 Episode 6 

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Meghan felt his second song had “zero hooks.” Still, she thinks he has a future. Diddy compliments on Sharaya how she fights for her dream, “You have what it takes.” Sharaya J Wins The Challenge AJ Reynolds is Eliminated Sharaya J is the longest seat holder in The Four history. She’s the only original left.  AJ says it’s just the beginning of “Cheeks.” He’s quitting the trash truck, he says Good luck with that.

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