The Four 2018 : Sharaya J Raps A Freestyle

Sharaya J Battle

Four artists, spanning all music genres, will fight each week to defend their coveted seats on the show, as determined newcomers challenge them and try to knock them out of the competition. The singer who is the last standing at the end of the competition will earn the ultimate prize: the panel of industry experts becomes key players on the winner’s team, along with a record contract and a lucrative spot as one of iHeartRadio’s On the Verge artists.

The four artists currently ready to be challenged are: former X Factor UK alum James Graham, Hip Hop artist Sharaya J,  and new contenders R&B singer Whitney Reign and rocker Jesse Kramer.   Will these artists be able to hold on to their spots in tonight’s competition? Find out as we live blog week 2.

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Stir Fry by Migos (The Four Version) – She lost her voice earlier in the week. Honestly, she doesn’t look well at all. Props to her for soldiering on during chemo treatments. But maybe she’d be better off heading home to take care of her health? It’s a good thing she doesn’t actually have to SING. She’s able to rap just find, despite her obviously scratchy voice. And she maintains a fierce attitude throughout. With that heroic buildup? There’s no way she doesn’t take this battle. 


Brennan Villines – 30 – Dixon NY – 500 Miles by The Proclaimers – Growing up in a small town was tough because of his sexuality. He moved to Memphis at 18. He got into a toxic relationship. He started using Meth. Oh no. He thought he had chicken pox. Turned out he was HIV Positive. Music has gotten him through a lot of pain and misery. Today he is five years sober. As he sits down to the piano to sing, I wonder how a challenge with Saraya would work out because she’s the only one left.




Hm. He sings a ballady piano driven version of the song. Not bad. He would have been a decent challenger for James. Meghan felt so many emotions! She loved it. “You tore that down,” says Khaled.Diddy is proud of him for being so strong. – 3 blue rings Brennan will challenge Sharaya J

Sharaya J – Go Raya by Sharaya – She has been battling cancer–competing while undergoing chemo. The treatment is wreaking havoc on her vocal cords. They are ruptured and need to heal, so the doctor has put her on vocal rest. She’s singing an original tonight. Let’s see how that goes.Singing battles against fellow rap artists heightened her previous performances. This is OK. But if Brennan performs well, she could be in trouble.

Brennan Villines – Let it Go by James By – This time out, he takes the stage without an instrument. I don’t like this as much. He sounds a little flat. His thing is hitting big, long, extended high notes, which could get old if he doesn’t change it up.

“You are the definition of hip hop the way you perform,” says Khaled. He liked Brennan’s first performance more. She realized that she sang two bars off the mic. Diddy felt Brennan brought out the beast. “It was the best night of battling in the history of the four,” says Diddy. HYPERBOLE ALERT. Sharaya J wins the Battle Brennan is Eliminated.


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