Sharaya J vs Lil Bri Female Rappers Battle “Stir Fry” The Four Season 2 Ep. 3

Sharaya J Audition

Sharaya J Raps A Freestyle 

The Four are getting ready to fight for their seat but Hip Hop Artist Sharaya J is fighting a battle for her life while juggling between the show and her cancer treatment! She's authentic, she's a fighter and she deserves our LOVE!

Sharaya J – Stir Fry by Migos (The Four Version) – She lost her voice earlier in the week. Honestly, she doesn’t look well at all. Props to her for soldiering on during chemo treatments. But maybe she’d be better off heading home to take care of her health? It’s a good thing she doesn’t actually have to SING. She’s able to rap just find, despite her obviously scratchy voice. And she maintains a fierce attitude throughout. With that heroic buildup? There’s no way she doesn’t take this battle. 

Lil Bri – Crush On You by Lil Kim (The Four Version) – I gotta say, this Lil Bri is a little powerhouse.Such natural talent and charisma. I agree with Diddy–she super poised and confident on stage. Like her attitude, too. Confident without being cocky. 

Meghan thinks it will be a “close one.” She liked Lil Bri’s song choice, but Sharaya’s lyrics better.Wouldn’t the lyrics seal the deal? Diddy has props for them both. “Two amazing queens,” says Khaled. He felt Sharaya defended her title. Sharaya J Wins the Challenge Lil Bri is Eliminated. Lil Bri graciously thanks the judges and everybody for having her. She is proud to be able to hold her own against an older female rapper. I like this kid a lot. She gets a standing O. 

Viewers reacted:

Kelly Sharaya is real performer. Hope it matters for audience, cause watching rapper who is not performing is a bit dull for me. Freestyle is a good way to show the true artist in her. She should win

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