Sharane Calister Sings “Hero”

Sharane Calister "Hero"

Sharane Calister performas "Hero" for her‘ The Voice’ Top 11: ‘America’s Choice’ week week has you deciding each song performed

She dedicates the song to her twin sister whom she was separated from as a kid. Adam warns her about taking too many liberties with the song–at first. He’s attempting to craft a “super diva moment” for her. Good luck with that. Some Mariah songs are better than others. Personally, I find this one totally cornball, and at this point, really dated. The performance gets off to a slow start. Pitch wise it’s a little wobbly. But Sharane finds her footing eventually. She sounds a little hoarse tonight? When she gets to those big crowd pleasing notes, she seems comfortable. Former coach Alicia says, ‘I feel such a connection to you…I feel you finding your footing.” Adam says, “Full disclosure? I was afraid. I’m so proud of you of tackling a complete beast of a song.”  

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