In Case You Didn't Know | Shane Q The Voice Knockout Performance

Shane Q Does a Perfect Job on the Vocals of “In Case You Didn’t Know” – The Voice Knockouts 2019

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Shane Q – In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young – Brett admits he’s never been in love. He says Kelly has helped him out of his shell.  Kelly advises him to hold out his notes longer. Taylor wants him to highlight the unrequited heartbreak in the song. It’s a lovely cover, but ultimately very ordinary. The nigh notes are a bit out of his reach.

Kiara Brown – The Bones by Maren Morris – Kelly stole Kiara from Team Gwen. Oh. Kiara won a contest and was mentored by Maren. Hm. Kelly warns her to BREATHE so she has enough air. Again, Taylor advises a singer to hit the hook head on. Leave the fancier stuff for the verses. I’ve been a Kiara fan since the beginning, She brings a singer/songwriter sensibility to her performances. This soulful, soft performance is completely her own. She seems a little nervous, and is still having issues with breath control. And those high notes were a bit shaky. But I appreciate her originality.

Blake lives Kiara’s originality. He calls Shane’s rendition perfect, but he needs more passion. He’d go with Shane. John calls Kiara’s spirit peaceful. He liked the way Shane carried himself. He’d pick Shane too. Gwen thinks Kirara is special, but Shane is “effortless.” Kelly notes a hesitancy in Shane’s performance. I agree. Kelly Picks Shane, Kiara is Eliminated.  Eh I get why she chose Shane. His performance was technically better.

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