Sean Payton Obliterates NFL Reporter On Tweet After False Eric Decker Report

Aside from being one of the best coaches in the NFL, Sean Payton is also a grade-A troll on Twitter.

As NFL free agency continues, reports are coming out each and every day about players visiting certain teams and today was no different. Reports came out that former Titans and Broncos receiver Eric Decker was heading to New Orleans to visit the Saints.

Former Titans WR Eric Decker is in fact visiting the #Saints, per source.

— Nicki Jhabvala (@NickiJhabvala) March 20, 2018

Now while, the move makes sense, considering the Saints parted ways with Brandon Coleman at the start of free agency and are in the market for a veteran wide out.

However, Saints head coach Sean Payton was quick to shoot down this report from Nicki Jhabvala:

Bad sources.

— Sean Payton (@SeanPayton) March 20, 2018

Two words, but more than enough to obliterate the reporter.

Jhabvala did her best to backtrack and apologize for the mistake, but Payton wasn’t done:

All good. You can remove the if.

— Sean Payton (@SeanPayton) March 20, 2018


Viewers reacted:

Luther Jacoby Don't let this distract you from the fact that Sean Payton's Saints choked against the biggest choke artists in the NFL, the Minnesota Vikings.

Brett Egan Now imagine if BB had twitter and did this with every false report he saw. It would be like ramsey on kitchen nightnares

Diondre Jenkins If any team wants Blair Walsh I would have no objections. We don’t want anything in return. In fact I’ll pay you…..please

James Leach III Damn ice cold lol 

That being said this dude owes her apology, tix to whatever and night out(paid meal) if they sign Decker lol

Zachary Bendus Wow everyone Sean Payton is so savage omg he said bad source omgomgomg he really ruined that reporter

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