Sean Hannity Show Fox News Video Today March 12, 2018

Sean Hannity FOX News Today March 12, 2018

Sean Hannity Show Fox News Video

The House Intelligence Committee finds no evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

On "Hannity," Vice President Mike Pence said he had to stand firm against Joy Behar's disparaging remarks she made about him and his Christian faith to defend the faith of millions of Americans.

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Viewers reacted:

Jeanne Shillingburg Bean Thank you, VP Pence for standing for God and all of us who serve Him. For too long our leaders have tried to take everything to do with our faith away. Having leaders who aren't afraid to say Gods name is awesome, so thank you to President Trump, and VP Pence! Thank you, God for allowing them to win the election!

Brandy Kinch Pou We have waivered so far away from our Christian beliefs. It’s a sad day when we can’t hold firm in our beliefs. Mrs. Behar should publicly apologize rather than hide behind a phone call. If you want to make the world believe you do not discriminate, this should be an easy task. For a plethora of reasons, I believe you will coward down to the liberal media.


Proper Investigation
1. Evidence first, then
2. Investigation by qualifying evidence and uncovering more to discover an entire scene
3. Findings
Purpose = establish the truth.

Witch Hunt
1. No evidence
2. Investigation to find anything to justify the investigation
3a. Manufactured findings to support pre-determined guilt or
3b. Unable to find evidence
Purpose = harm the character of the person under “investigation” because the public instinctively believes “investigation” means “guilty of something”. Therefore no matter if 3a or 3b, the witch hunters win because the public isn't that smart.

Linda Zeigler
Won’t these fools feel embarrassed when the truth comes out.  Don’t they remember how the
Election went after they all swore Trump wouldn’t be President!

The Clinton's can take down the entire Democratic party…
  They used Clinton foundation money to fund how many Democrats candidates..
  Isn't that an illegal Rico case,. The illegal money funded many different races…  Making those Democrats liable to have committed a crime?
  Someone want to look at that…

David Gillis One of the first goals in Communism is to eliminate religion. The reason is because religion gives those who believe hope and determination which is something a Communist Marxist regime cannot tolerate. They teach communism in schools and call it democracy, they make sure they are never exposed to anything to give them hope, they teach freedoms only apply the the individual and all others do not have freedoms if it makes them feel uncomfortable.

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