Sean Hannity Show 4/19/21 : Full Donald Trump Interview

Sean Hannity Show 4/19/21 : Full Donald Trump Interview

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In an exclusive interview Monday on “Hannity,” former President Trump said he is “very seriously” considering another presidential run in 2024 but noted that it’s still “too soon” to discuss his plans.

The FDA made an awful decision to temporarily pull back Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine distribution, Former President Donald Trump shared with “Hannity” in an exclusive interview on Monday.

Sean Hannity Show 4/19/21 : Full Donald Trump Interview

In an exclusive, hour-long interview, former President Donald Trump told “Hannity” Monday that he will “very seriously” consider running again in 2024 if the Republican Party can “get the right people” on Capitol Hill.

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“We are a democracy because of our rule of law, and the republic fails to exist if we don’t respect that.”
Grady Judd, sheriff of Polk County, Florida, joins “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to weigh in on protests stemming from the trial of Derek Chauvin and Rep. Maxine Waters’ comments to Minnesota protesters to “get more confrontational.”

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Viewer react to Sean Hannity Show 4/19/21 : Full Donald Trump Interview

Susan Mcvicker
Trump has my vote and pray he runs and gets this country back to being a Constitution supported loving America. Vote Trump and all Republicans in offices that Demonrats hold but come up for re-election in 2022.

Kim Krause Hofer
Our President spoke for almost an hour! No teleprompter, no cue cards, no question ahead of time no stammering, no fumbling or stumbling over words! We need him now more than ever! Way to go President Trump!

Joe Lennon
In fairness to the Party – don’t wait until Primary season to announce. There are some good young candidates whose time has come. Many won’t run if you do – all will want and need your endorsement. You were a great President and you were cheated out of a second term, but your time may have passed. Thank you for your service at a time we needed a Man just like you.

Lois Summers
Can you run for President when you’re in jail!!! because that’s where he belongs! Plus he’s amassing millions of dollars right now for his so called run with no accountability or not having to pay taxes on it!! isn’t that great?

Adam David
Just cash in the easy way and do anther reality show. There are plenty of degenerates that would tune in to watch that garbage. Hell they’d probably even crowdsource the funds he desperately needs to do it.

Karin Barrington
He could never live through another loss.. that’ll be the 1st reason he won’t do it; the 2nd reason he won’t do it is because he’ll lose

Larry Davis
Like a roller coaster.. we are on the downhill slide, Trump will bring it back up again, then another stolen election will take us down again.l

David Friedenberger
He has to come back and fix this mess Biden has created. Hopefully by then it’s not to far gone. Look what has happened in just a short time.

Kerrie Kuper
He will very seriously, take as much money as he can, from the cult members, and then not run

Shirley Watkins Ramsey
Why? NOTHING has been done about the proven voter fraud…nothing to keep it from happening in every election now, we are DOOMED

Logan Plaster
My favorite president in the history of this country. It takes a lot of courage to be an elected official.

Tony Wesley
That’s my world is never be another president guy from Egypt has home 313 Michigan from heaven never be another president over here United States

Christina Clark
This gluttonous sloth is the reason our new President has a political majority. Every time he opens his mouth, filth spews.

Joseph Kennedy
We’re a “Democracy” because of Andrew Jackson and laying down the Union, but I still refer to it as a Republic. It could always head back in that direction one day.
Well spoken by the way, “peaceably” being the key word – like “unabridged” and “shall not be Infringed”.


Mary Price
That is what he was all about….. helping people and Making America Great Again. Look where we are headed with this President and love to watch Donald Trump Interview on Hannity today

Mona Bauer
Please our country needs you! I know you have been prosecuted so much…. Thank you for having America’s soul as your own! TRUMP2024.

Michael Ellard
He’ll lead the Republicans up the garden path. He lost once and he’ll lose again. He lied to the American people about health care.

Lee Lambert
Face facts. You spent more money on golf supporting your own Golf Clubs and the unnecessary wall at the border and more time Campaigning than working than anyone before you. You were the worst president in history. Why would we want you back? Joe Biden is doing a great job of cleaning up your mess

Ann Powell
You didn’t help anybody who isn’t wealthy and isn’t you. You caused an insurrection. You told people they were patriots if they protested the duly elected POTUS. You told the big lie of massive voter fraud. You bullied and manipulated elected officials, election officials, judges, the vice president etc. to try to change the votes of the US citizens. You mounted an insurrection of the capital. You develop loyalty with para military and white supremacist groups and you invited them to join you on January 6 at the capital. You continue to propagate the big lie. You need to be brought to account for your actions. You certainly should not be President of the United States. You are bad for the country. You were just plain bad.

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