Sean Hannity September 6, 2018: Anonymous op-ed writer needs to come forward

The Hill journalist John Solomon reports that Bruce Ohr's efforts to reshape the Trump probe started earlier in the summer of 2016; details on 'Hannity.'

America's safety is obviously not the goal of the anonymous letter writer.

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There IS no one to come forward. The anonymous NYT op-ed has every sign of a dis-information operation. It seems fake. It looks like a crude ruse to plant suspicion and discord in the administration. It is clumsily coordinated with the release of the Woodward book, which according to Mattis, Dowd, and Kelly contains outright lies. This is a textbook psyop directly out of the CIA field manual obviously orchestrated by Brennan and some of his Cold Warrior hold over cronies still on the inside.

Smelly walmart irredeemable deplorables.  … i didnt do it, but im glad he/she did.
i wonder if hanintys so blustered on account of his accounts, same lawyers maybe similar financial transactions?

Twitter bans Alex Jones because he was complaining about censorship. The left are out of control authoritarians

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