Sean Hannity September 5, 2018: John Dowd on Woodward’s book, Mueller probe

Former Trump attorney John Dowd disputes allegations made in Bob Woodward's new book; Dowd shares his perspective on 'Hannity.'

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That's absurd. Mueller isn't going to tell Dowd whether or not any of his witnesses lied

Can we all just admit that trump is mentally and emotionally unstable. Thanks. Wasn’t that easy

I hope your guest doesn't  drop dead Hannity… Geese!!!.. Had me hanging on every word… Great information tho…
TRUMP 2020!!!… 
Spread the Love…
Even if it hurts

John :

Trump is just a baby , with teenager republican babysitters . Look at what trump said re bob woodward in 2013 re bob book re Obama .

How much will it take to convince these people Trump is unstable.. no, really. What would it take? What would be the tipping point?

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