Sean Hannity 9/13/2018 : Demand More of High-ranking Officials

Those responsible for deep state bureaucratic corruption need to be held accountable.

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Feinstein need more investigation of her as a traitor that she was a spy for China and her husband make millions od $ of her selling the USA secrets to China.Y no one is sending a letter to the FBI to prosecute her because what she did is very very very bad and dangerous to our country.Shame on u Feinstein

Thoughts and prayers for the people whether republicans, democrats or whoever you are…time to be united and showing true colors of U.S.A

That sun observatory in NM was a HAARP / DARPA deep state location. POTUS when addressing the Carolina´s stated that He wished they had acted sooner Because soon after the raid – like flipping a switch – the hurricane started weakening

This Trump derangement syndrome is seriously turning into an epidemic, it needs to be contained by the CDC. It's literally making people lose their minds! Literally! It's a horrific, sad and debilitating epidemic. Quarantine then treat everybody you can and eradicate the rest to prevent it spreading to other planets too. Hopefully it's not too late to save the solar system, maybe Galaxy.


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