Sean Hannity Today : Blaming Trump for bad weather is a new low

Instead of blaming Trump for bad weather, the mainstream media should focus on real news and real scandals.

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Viewer reactions:

They blamed him for Puerto Rico and they found yesterday that hundreds of thousands of bottles of water the president sent are sitting under tarps by the airport .As Rush said today would Dems make people suffer for politcal gain to bring down Trump . " Yes they would " ! Trump voters don't talk to pollsters . Why do you think the polls were so wrong in 2016 .

Democrats are facing extinction and they know it. They are literally fighting for their lives! VOTE RED OR AMERICA IS DED

I wish president Trump good health and successful any around the world and America great great great. God bless Trump

Trump just signed a EO today that banned propaganda news from interfering with elections. Meaning that all the fake news media will have to post the truth or all their networks will be shut down.

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